Bluebell - Sunday 21st April 2019

GL16 7EG

**Bluebell - message from Organisers**


Our vets have asked us to remind you that because it will be unseasonably warm for the Bluebell ride tomorrow it is important to bring plenty of water with you to cool your horses. Remember there is no water available at the venue. We hope you enjoy your day. 

Full information on the Endurance GB FOD Bluebell ride page 


1.   80km GER (1 hold, 2 x 40 km) 
2.   65km GER (1 hold, 2 x 32 km)
3.   50km GER Try A Vetgate Class( 1 hold, 33 km + 17km) 
4.   40km GER 
5.   40km Novice GER

6.   33km GER 
7.   33km Novice GER 

Note that due to land slippage, the 33 km and 40 km loop north of Whitecroft has been diverted as shown on photo at the bottom of this page.

Note also the venue layout map.

Route distances are approximate pending discussions with Forestry Commission

Crewing restricted for larger vehicles.

Ride maps, instructions, bib numbers and vet times will be available on the ride website nearer the time.

Equine Flu:

Horses must have had the primary course where the first and second vaccination are no less than 21 days apart and no more than 92 days apart. The third vaccination must then be carried out within 7 months and the fourth within 12 months of this vaccination and then within 12 months yearly. Horses may only take part after 7 days have elapsed after a vaccination.


  • Horses which have received the initial 2 vaccinations are permitted to take part.

  • Flu vaccination certificates will be inspected on arrival to the venue.

Ride photographs will be provided by West End Photography.

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